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Clintonville Lodge #197


2010 Three 70 year members were honored, at Clintonville 197
Doc Thomas, P. G. M. Robert Billings, Leonard Scruton
W.M. Rusty Mitchell, Treasure Danford Jesse in back


Fall Frenzy Clintonville Masons with P.M. Danford Jesse


History of Clintonville Lodge 197

Chartered In 1871 a petition for the organization of a Clintonville Lodge
was referred to Shawano Lodge 170 for recommendation and was favorable considered.

June 9, 1874, the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of
Wisconsin, held their annual Communication in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where it was
voted to grant a charter for what was to be known as Clintonville Lodge 197 F
&A M with the three principal officers being installed were

Brother G. S. Doty, Worshipful Master,

Brother O. M. Doty Senior Warden and Brother C. M. Fischer, Junior Warden

On June 28, 1874, W. D. Sexton, W. W. Stacey and U. P. Clinton
were the first three candidates to petition Clintonville Lodge for membership.
U. P. Clinton, the founder of the City of Clintonville served as the Worshipful
Master of the Lodge in 1888. In the Lodges first 100 years of existence it had
73 Worshipful Masters. One of our Masters, Dr. E. A. Miller who served as
Master in the year 1904 and ’05 was listed as the 36th oldest living Master
Mason in the nation. Brother Miller was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master
Mason on September 20th, 1892 and passed from our midst on January 6th, 1968 at
the age of 97.

The Lodge grew with the community, meetings were held in the upper
floors of business establishments converted for that purpose. A new Lodge
Building was built in 1921 at a cost of $40,000; much of the labor, material
and the land were donations and gifts. The indebtedness was paid off in 23
years and the bonds burned in 1944.

When the Clintonville Community Hospital was built, several Brethren
collected a total of more than $1400.00 and outfitted room 308.

Because of crowded conditions, the Clintonville Public School used
the basement and first floor of the temple for eight years, as did the Red
Cross Chapter and the Waupaca County Association for retarded people used two
rooms each in the basement, and the Senior Citizens of Clintonville met in the
dining room two afternoons each month. The Clintonville Masons were happy to
have the room for such organizations as long as it did not conflict with
Masonic Functions.

The following submitted by Past Master Owen Nielson

To the best of my recollection and from the minutes and records of
Clintonville Lodge that I have read, or been aware of, I find that other than
Masonic Charity to Brethren in need, Clintonville Lodge 197 F &A M and
Masonic bodies who met in the Masonic Temple, have contributed much to the
benefit of the City of Clintonville and its citizens.

(1) The School System used the building for at least 50 years for
classrooms and office space at no rental charge except utilities.

(2) Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) scholarships have been given to
graduates of Clintonville and Marion High Schools for over (30) years.

(3) Senior Citizens used the dining room and kitchen for many

(4) Defibrillators were donated to Clintonville Fire and Rescue, Clintonville
High School, Marion High School and New London High School, total of eleven
have been donated.

(5) Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) was donated to Waupaca
County K-9 Patrol.

(6) Junior Baseball was supported with uniforms and cash for five
(5) years. A pizza party was sponsored for the kids and family at the end of
each season.

(7) The Lodge gave the Cemetery Association One Thousand Dollars
($1,000.00) towards the new entry sign in memory of Dr. E. A. Miller.

(8) The Lodge donated a granite monument and train bell to the
City in honor of all veterans to be used on Memorial Day.

(9) The Masonic burial plot was donated to the cemetery
Association to be used for destitute persons.

(10) Purchased bricks for the Veterans Memorial, a total of One
Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars ($1,125.00) honoring some Past

(11) In the year 1999 the Order of the Eastern Star donated monies
to the Clintonville Public Library, Marion Public Library, Historical Society
of Clintonville and the Main Street Memorial, over Thirty Thousand Dollars
($30,000.00) in total.

(12) For many years the Eastern Star
sponsored a young child from Korea through the Children Christen Service.





Robert Billings M. W. P. G. Master of Masons in Wisconsin

Past Masters Clintonville Lodge F & A M

1873-G. S. Doty
1874-G. S. Doty
1875-O. M. Doty
1876-O. M. Doty
1877-O. M. Doty
1878-Caleb Fischer
1879-O. M. Doty
1880-O. M. Doty
1881-W. H. Oviatt M.D.
1882-W. H. Oviatt M.D.
1883-W. H. Oviatt M.D.
1884-W. H. Oviatt M.D.
1885-Caleb Fischer
1886-G. W. Jones
1887-W. H. Cook
1888 -U. P. Clinton
1889-W. H. Oviatt M.D.
1890-F. M. Guernsey
1891-F. H. Plumb
1892-Caleb Fischer
1893-Caleb Fischer
1894-Frank Gause
1895-Frank Gause
1896-Frank Gause
1897-Frank Gause
1898-Frank Gause
1899-Frank Gause
1900-George Bennett
1901-Frank Gause
1902-Frank Gause
1903-Frank Gause
1904-E. A. Miller M.D.
1905-E. A. Miller M.D.
1906-Henry Anthes
1907-Henry Anthes
1908-James E. Long
1909-James E. Long
1910-Walter Olen
1911-Walter Olen
1912-Llewellyn Cole
1913-Llewellyn Cole
1914-Otto L. Olen
1915-Otto L. Olen
1916-Fred Ruth
1917-Fred Ruth
1918-A. B. Mayhew
1919-H. E. DuFrane
1920Chauncey Williams
1921-Guy H, Billings
1922Chauncey Williams
1923-Art Felshow
1924-W. A. Garfield
1925-Arthur Polzin
1926-R. E. Knister D.D.S.
1927-James Smiley
1928-F. C. Walch
1929-Gale T. Shedore
1930-F. Y. King
1931-Wm. A. Carley
1932-Herman V. Larson
1933-Henry Schellien
1934-Reuben Lendved
1935-Vern Chamberlin
1936-John D. MacDonald
1937-Clarence Quall
1938-Roy Martin
1939-Irving Auld M.D.
1940-Myron Rand
1941-George A. Seidel
1942-F. H. Uttermark
1943-Edmund E. Hart
1944-M. O. Stockland
1945-W. J. Bergacker
1946-Harland Jones
1947-Woodrow Williams
1948-Woodrow Smith
1949-Nathan Wiese
1950-Lowell Walker
1951-John Kafka
1952-Robert Billings
1953-LeRoy Hughes
1954-Ralph Lendved
1955-Robert Otto
1956-Roy Weber
1957-Kenneth Darling
1958-Al Hogan
1959-Donald Kuester
1960-Douglas Mayne
1961-James Rogers
1962-Robert Moreland
1963-Gerald McFarren
1964-John Polzin
1965-Lyle Henschel
1966-Francis Thompson
1967-Byron Beversdorf
1968-John P. Schafer
1969-Emory Rogers
1970-William Elliott
1971-Kenneth Glass
1972-Owen Nielson
1973-Owen Nielson
1974-Edward C. Mitchell
1975-Henry Sengstock
1976-Nathan Tribby
1977-Frank Morgan
1978-Henry C. Krueger
1979-Arthur Schweitzer
1980-Harold Huntley
1981-Gary Keller
1982-Gary Keller
1983-Roger Sage
1984-Owen R. Nielson
1985-William Rhodes
1986-John C. Miller
1987-Harold Huntley
1988-Gary Keller
1989-Gary Keller
1990-Reid Nelson
1991-Harold Huntley
1992-Reid Nelson
1993-Reid Nelson
1994-Harold Huntley
1995-Reid Nelson
1996-Ed Mitchell
1997-Danford Jesse
1998-Danford Jesse
1999-Danford Jesse
2000-Danford Jesse
2001-Danford Jesse
2002-Danford Jesse
2003-Danford Jesse
2004-Danford Jesse
2005-Danford Jesse
2006-Danford Jesse
2007-Danford Jesse
2008-Danford Jesse
2009-Danford Jesse
2010-Edward (Rusty) Mitchell
2011-Edward (Rusty) Mitchell
2012-Edward (Rusty) Mitchell
2013-Joseph Urban
2014—Kevin Palmer
2015—Paul VanLaarhoven
2016—Paul VanLaarhoven
2017—Mark Zachow

Appendant Bodies of the Clintonville Masons

Clintonville Chapter #27 Order of the Eastern Star, Chartered January 8, 1892
Clintonville Chapter #103 Royal Arch Masons, Chartered February 16, 1921
Clintonville Commandery #44 Knights Templar, Chartered May 6, 1921
Clintonville Bethel #26 Jobs Daughters, Chartered June 28, 1940
Inter-City Shrine Club, Chartered 1944
Inter-City Chapter Order of the DeMolay, Chartered December 17, 1964

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