Shawano Lodge #170 Calendar

Lodge 170 Calendar of Events 2018

W. M. Simonson asks that all Officers wear shirt and tie
 OR Embroidered Lodge shirts
with dark slacks when attending stated Lodge meetings,
Coat and tie should be worn for all degree work


The following is a planner for schedule of events,
this is fluid and will be adjusted, please let us,
let you know of changes or addition to the plan,
make sure we have your phone No, and e-mail address

There are events in the planning stage such as
Visiting neighboring lodges
Ritual practice
Degrees for new members
We want you and your family to have the
pleasure of partaking in these events
when we get them scheduled.


Lodge is dark, no stated meetings
unless need arises

January 8  2017
Holiday Brunch 11:00 am
Shawano Masonic Center
Masons, Family’s,
Friends and Ladies

 Lodge is dark
no stated meetings unless need arises

February 11, 2017
Valentine Dinner
Shawano Masonic Center
Masons, Family’s,
Friends and Ladies

February 16, 2017
Practice, opening, closing, degree work

March 2 2017
Stated Meeting
welcome back
7:00 pm Meeting
Shawano Masonic Center

March 11, 2017
School of Instruction Antigo,
Mason Woods, Clintonville, Shawano
with Moses Adams
all officers and card holders required to attend
at the Shawano Masonic Center
8:30 am to 2:00 PM Saturday
Mason Woods is Host Lodge

March 16 2017
Gambler Game

March 30 2017
Past Master at the Seasons


April 6 2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 PM
Shawano Masonic Center

April 20 2017
No stated Meeting
Family night
Shawano Masonic Center


May 4,  2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 pm
Shawano Masonic Center

May 18,  2017
No Stated Meeting
Family night
Shawano Masonic Center

May 24, 25 and 27 2017
Wednesday Thursday Saturday

Red Barn Fund Raiser
at County Mkt 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

May 29,  2017
Memorial Day parade
8:30 am Shawano
Lodge Float committee


June 1,  2017
Lodge is Dark
Officers will travel to Grand Lodge
June 1st 2nd and 3rd 2016
Grand Lodge Madison

June 15,  2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 pm
Shawano Masonic Center

June 29 2017
Past Masters


July 4,  2017
Parade in Bonduel “11:00 am”
Shawano Lodge Float committee

July 6 2017
Stated meeting 7:00 pm
Shawn Masonic Center

July 20 2017
Bull Frogs Game


August 3,  2017
7th annual Masonic Unity Picnic

4:30 pm social 6 pm supper
High school graduates and Scholarship recipients
with their parents.
Masonic awards and recognition including honoring 2017 Beja Potentate
Shawano Masons Inc. and Shawano Shrine Club
Shawano Lodge 170 and Clintonville Lodge 197
are inviting; Beja Shriners and all Masons and non Masons there
Family and friends to 2324 East Richmond Street
(Mason Park) at the Shawano Masonic Center  (Donations accepted)

August 17 2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 pm meeting
Shawano Masonic Center

August 31 2017
Past Masters club


September 7 2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 PM
Shawn Masonic Center

September 21,  2017
Fun Night
Shawano Masonic Center


October 4 2017
Magic Show

October 5,  2017
Stated meeting 7:00 PM
Shawano Masonic Center

October 19, 2017
Ladies at the table
Shawano Masonic Center


November 2 2017
Stated Meeting 7:00 pm
Election of 2018 Officers
Vote on 2018 Budget
Shawano Masonic Center

November 10, 2017
Deliver turkeys to
Safe Park and Safe Haven

November 16, 2017
Stated meeting/Fun Night

November 30 2017
Past Masters Club


December 2 2017
Combined Public Installation
of 2018 Officers at Shawano Masonic Center
3:30 pm Installation – 5:00 pm supper “BBQ Pork sandwiches”
Mason Woods – Shawano – Clintonville
Manawa, Oconto, and Oconto Falls

Installing Master – P.M. & District Lecture
Moses Adams

Installing Marshall – P.M. James VanDeHey

Installing Sr. Warden – P.M. Chris Gans

Installing Jr. Warden – G.M.D.D. Jason Richardson

Installing Chaplain – P.M. Jim Campbell

December 7 2017
Stated meeting 7:00 PM
Shawano Masonic Center

December 21 2017
Practice and Planning meeting for 2018 officers
6:30 pm Shawano Masonic Center

Lodge mailing address is;

Shawano Lodge 170
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano, WI 54166


Shawano Masons 2324 East Richmond Street Shawano Wisconsin

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