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The House the Shawano Masons “Built”

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144 Years in the Making

the House the Shawano Masons “Built”


Shawano Masons #170
was chartered in 1868, after occupying several different spaces in Shawano they
moved into and called its home 201 ½ South Main Street.  In its proud history, the Masons have donated
hundreds of thousands of dollars to countless charitable purposes to strengthen
the Shawano community and provide for the less fortunate.

At the turn of the century, however, it became apparent that the Lodge’s location had become a
deterrent to broadening membership and to encouraging involvement from the
greater community.   The membership
recognized that its 90+ year-old home had outlived its usefulness and was no
longer financially feasible for the Masons to maintain.

After careful study, strategic planning and difficult discussions, the membership
determined a stable, affordable, accessible and welcoming gathering place for
the Masons’ home base was critical to providing the foundation on which the
lodge could continue to grow its membership and conduct its good work.

In 2010 the Shawano Masons purchased a facility on 1.5 acres
in the City of Shawano.  Renovations commenced immediately to
incorporate energy-efficient, handicap-accessible, and economically sustainable
elements, and landscaping was undertaken to offer attractive indoor and outdoor
gathering spaces both for the Shawano Masons and
for use by other community groups.

The Shawano Masons
are deeply grateful to all who have made any size donation, given of their
time, talent and effort and have assisted the Lodge in carrying out its primary
purposes while securing and readying this new facility. The benefits are
already apparent from the Lodge’s increased visibility and a renewed image as a
community collaborator, which is directly attributable to those who believed in
the importance of this effort.

The investment
made by the Masons and those who have donated to this project will be seen in
the Masons’ ability to offer a meaningful avenue of service to a growing
membership who understand and support the mission of the Masons.

The new Shawano Masons Lodge provides the best opportunity for the Masons to thrive,
increasing the impact its membership can have in Shawano well into the future.



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