Shawano Lodge History 2

Shawano Lodge History 2

201 1/2 South Main St. Shawano




Isabel Black Worthy Grand Matron
Shawano Chapter 167 O.E.S.

Fifty-Sixth Annual Session Grand Chapter
Order of the Easter Star State of Wisconsin

Civic Auditorium
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 1, 2, 3, 1946

Worthy Grand Matron
Worthy Grand Patron
Associate Grand Matron
Associate Grand Patron
Grand Secretary
Grand Treasurer
Grand Conductress
Associate Grand Conductress
Grand Chaplain
Grand Lecturer
Grand Marshal
Grand Organist
Grand Adah
Grand Ruth
Grand Esther
Grand Martha
Grand Electa
Grand Warder
Grand Sentinel
Isabel Black
Leonard Marsh
Mattie O. Johnson
Ward A. Nelson
Ottillie S. Brunke
Ina J. Reid
Jenne Lyngaas
Margaret Jones
Lilah Demond
Ruth M. Kitchen
Vivian Blum
Florence Clasen
Cecile Helsel
Muriel Smith
Nettie Palmer
Hilda Peitersen
Nancy E. Kidder
Dorothy Auld
Herbert Drissen

Worthy Grand Matron:

The Fifty-Sixth Annual Session of the Grand Chapter of Wisconsin opens with the world standing on the threshold of the Atomic Age, an age in which all nations have been united into one world, headed together for peace or for destruction. The alternative we choose will be decided by man’s will to create a world of Peace and Brotherhood—man’s will determined by his Faith in God.

The editor of Star Dust has extended to me much appreciated courtesy of bringing several messages to the members of our Grand Jurisdiction this year. Outstanding have been the inspiring articles written by Rev. Harold Wagner, Worthy Patron of West Allis Chapter.

Visits: November 8, Friends Night at Oriental Chapter. November 14, Friends Night at Fidelity Chapter at which time five members of Job’s Daughters were given the degrees of the Order of the Eastern Star in a beautiful and impressive ceremony. November 18-21 attended the Grand Chapter sessions of Arkansas and Oklahoma. November 30 attended a party at Martha Washington for Sister Ruth Kitchen, Grand Lecturer. December 15, regular meeting and reception by Wauwautosa Chapter in honor of Sister Florence Clasen, Grand Organist. Good intentions to attend this entire affair were thwarted by sub-zero temperatures and a frozen car. January 18, Golden Anniversary at Vega Chapter. February 23, Golden Anniversary of Electa Chapter. February 26 Officers of Waukesha Chapter celebrated their 52nd birthday dressed in colonial outfits with a Williamsburg program. March 8, the night of the Big Snow – not one of the out of town guests, except the inspecting officer was able to come. However 17 officers and 40 other faithful and courageous members of my home chapter enjoyed double servings of dinner and a fine inspection of our work by the Grand Lecturer. April 30, Golden Anniversary of Aurora Chapter. May 5, the Golden Anniversary of St. Omar Chapter. May 10 – following the inspection meeting, Medford Chapter entertained in honor of Sister Hilda Peitersen, Grand Martha. June 2, Queen Esther Chapter entertained at a reception and tea in honor of Sister Nettie Palmer, Grand Esther. The newly organized Bethel of Job’s Daughters added beauty to the program.

Official Visits: 63

Although our International Temple Fund Committee in Wisconsin was discharged in 1942, I received a report of the recent contributions that showed that up to September 30, 1945, Wisconsin ranked sixth in comparison with other Grand Jurisdictions in the total contributions made toward this project. Wisconsin may feel justly proud of this accomplishment.

The Veterans Home at Wood was not a Grand Chapter project this year. However, a donation was made in response to an appeal. I would also mention the commendable work that individual chapters, chiefly in the vicinity of Wood have continued to do by giving of their time, money and service to the comfort of the veterans at Wood.

Most Worshipful Grand Master
James A Zimmerman

    Grand Master Zimmerman was raised a Master Mason
on October 2, 1975 in Shawano Lodge #170
in Shawano Wisconsin, serving as Worshipful Master
in 1983. He is also a plural member of Silas H. Shepherd Lodge
of Research #1843 and Iowa Lodge of Research #2.

    Brother Zimmerman is a Past President of the
Shawano Past Masters Club and a member of the
Shawano Lambskin Club.

    In York Rite Masonry, he is a member of
Clintonville Chapter No. 103, Royal Arch Masons,
Clintonville Commandery No 44, Clintonville Wisconsin
and Red Cross of Constantine, Nicolet Conclave.

    He is also a member of the Valley of Green Bay,
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite;
a member of Beja Shrine in Green Bay,
Wisconsin; a member of the Shawano Shrine club;
and is past patron Order of the Eastern Star.

    Grand Master Zimmerman was appointed Grand Marshal
in 1984; and appointed Grand Steward in 1985.
He was elected and installed the 123rd
Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin during installation
ceremonies held June 8th, 1992 at the Embassy Suites
Conference Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Most Worshipful Grand Master
Dr. Jack C. Allord

Grand Master Allord was raised a Master Mason
on January 20th, 1976 in Shawano Lodge #170
in Shawano, Wisconsin, serving as Worshipful Master in 1985.
He is also a member of the
National Sojourners, Milwaukee Chapter #27
and Tall Cedars of Lebanon.
Brother Allord is a Past President of the
Shawano past Masters Club and a Charter member
of Shawano Lambskin club.
Grand Master Allord was also a part of
Masonic Youth groups as a past associate Guardian,
Shawano Bethel #43 International Order
of Jobs Daughters; Past Associate Guardian,
Clintonville Bethel #26, International Order
of the Jobs Daughters; Legion of Honor,
International order of DeMolay;
and the order of Purple, Rainbow for Girls.
In York Rite Masonry, he is a member of the
Valley of Green Bay, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite;
a member of Beja Shrine of Green Bay, Wisconsin; a member
and past ambassador of Shawano Shrine Club;
and is a member of Shawano Chapter #167 Order of the Eastern Star.
Grand Master Allord was appointed Grand Sword Bearer 1989;
and appointed Junior Grand Steward in 1990.
He was elected and installed the 127th Grand Master
of Masons in Wisconsin during installation ceremonies
held June 10th, 1996 in Stevens Point Wisconsin.


Craig Stephen Campbell

Craig was born in Shawano in 1962 and graduated
from Shawano High School in 1981.
He was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason
in Shawano Lodge in 1982.
He became a member of the Green Bay Valley
of Scottish Rite in 1983 and a charter member
of Beja Shrine in 1985. He later joined the York Rite
in 2006 and was elected to the DeMolay Honorary
Legion of Honor in 2007 for his work as an advisor to the
West Bend Chapter of DeMolay and his service on the
Board of Directors of the Wisconsin DeMolay Foundation.
Craig’s first office in Lodge was Senior Deacon in Lincoln Lodge in
Menomonee Falls in 1986, and went on to serve as
Worshipful Master of Lincoln Lodge in 1989, 1996 and 1999.
He earned his proficiency card in 1986 and was appointed
District Lecture for 33 Lodges in 1988.
He served as District Lecture for four years until 1992
when he was appointed as the Grand Lecture
for the State of Wisconsin, serving in that capacity
for the next seven years, earning his status as a
Permanent Member of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin.
He was appointed into the Progressive line in 2002,
culminating with his term as
Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin for the years 2009-2010.

Peter R. Scheinert

Initiated an Entered Apprentice January 12, 1988,
Passed to the degree of Fellowcraft February 4, 1988
Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason March 26, 1988

Peter Scheinert was the first Mason to receive all degrees under the
“Shawano Experiment” now known as the “Wisconsin Program”.
He served on a number of Masonic Appendant Body
Degree Teams and was a member of the Shawano Lodge #170 team
which won first place Award in the State wide 1995
Wisconsin Masonic Degree competitions.
He was the district 4 Area Administrator in 1994 and 1995
and served as chairman of the Grand Lodge Drug
and Alcohol Abuse committee and as a member of the
1995/1996 Annual Communications Committee. He was:

Worshipful Master   Shawano Lodge #170   1993
Thrice Potent Master   Lodge of Perfection   1996 – 1997
President     Wisconsin Shrine Bowl   1994 – 1995
Potentate    Beja Shrine Temple      1997
33rd Degree 2012


Photo by Zander

Fred w Beyer Potentate 2002

Edward James MitchellCharter Member of the Clintonville Chapter
Order of DeMolay; as a senior member of DeMolay he helped in the revitalizing
of the Green Bay Chapter Order of DeMolay.
He was Initiated an Entered Apprentice October 20th, 1974
in Clintonville Lodge No. 197 F. & A. M.,
Passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft April 12th, 1976 &
Raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on May10th, 1976;
Worshipful Master of Clintonville #197 2010
Affiliated with Shawano Lodge No. 170 F. &A.M. and served as
Master in 2005 and 2009 holding a Perpetual Membership, and a
Plural member of Washington Lodge No. 21 Green Bay, Wisconsin
During a York Rite Festival held on June 7th, 1977 he was
Exalted a Royal Arch Mason in Clintonville Chapter No. 103
Royal Arch Masons & Created a Knight Templar by Clintonville Commandery
No. 44 in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Affiliated to Marinette Commandery
No.26 & Ivanhoe Commandery No. 24 Milwaukee; WI.
A member of the Past Commanders Association of Wisconsin;
Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar
of the State of Wisconsin for the year ending in June of 2010
On March 3rd, 1980 he was Greeted a Select Master in Antigo Council No. 28,
Royal and Select Masters in Antigo, Wisconsin. Receiving the
Super Excellent Degree in Madison Wisconsin in 2008,
Received the Order of ISH-SODI June, 18th, 2009.
Served as Grand Marshall of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters
of the State of Wisconsin for the year ending in June of 2010;
He served as High Priest of Clintonville Chapter 103 in 1980,
Served Antigo Council No. 28 as Thrice Illustrious Master in 1981 and
after affiliating with Palestine Commandery No. 20 served as Commander in 2006
and again in 2007.
Received the honorary degree of Thrice Illustrious Master
June 14th, 2007 at Green Bay, Wisconsin;
Received the degrees of the Ancient Accepted Scottish rite
on May 3rd, 1980 in the Valley of Green Bay and is a Life Member.
Serving as Most Wise Master of the Valley of Green Bay Chapter of Rose Croix
for the term of 2007-2008
Received into the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the
Mystic Shrine in Tripoli Shrine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the fall 0f 1980.
Affiliated to Beja Shrine in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Potentate Beja Divan 2010;
On June 19th, 2007 Received into the Order of the
Red Cross of Constantine in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Inducted into the Wisconsin Priory No. 16 – Knights of the
York Cross of Honor on September 15th, 2007.
Past Vice President of the board of directors for the Northeast
Wisconsin Masonic Center of Green Bay, Wisconsin
Inducted as a Holy Royal Arch Nights Templar Priest in 2007
Past Associate Guardian of Jobs Daughters Bethel No.26, where he received
a Grand Officer appointment for the Grand Guardian Council of Jobs Daughters
in Wisconsin; Past member of the Order of Eastern Star Clintonville, Wisconsin
and also held the position of Secretary for the United Masonic Board for DeMolay
in Wisconsin and Past President of the Shawano Shrine Club 2006.


Galen Winter – Masonic History


A Masonic Memorial Service,
presented by P. G. M. Jim Zimmerman,
open to the public, was held at 6:30 pm on
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at Mason Woods

Raised November 26,1965 George Washington Lodge 176,
Whitefish Bay WI
November 2,1972 Affiliated Shawano 170,Shawano WI
October 3,2006 affiliated Mason Woods Lodge 368,Cecil WI
1977 Installed Master Shawano Lodge 170
(Father – David Winter – Master Shawano Lodge 170 – 1937)
(Son Paul Winter – Master St. Johns Lodge #9,Seattle WA – 1998)

Grand Lodge Offices
Grand Tiler – 1992
Grand Trustee – 1996
President Masonic Foundation
President Masonic Med Foundation
Mason woods Board of directors
Grand Lodge Committees
Resolutions – Chairman
Appeals &Grievances
Code Revision
Masonic History
Masonic Membership
Long Range Planning Committee

Other Masonic Achievements
Grand Master’s Advisory Committee
President Masonic Trial Commission – 1988
Attorney for Des Peres and Waupun Lodge Masonic Trials
Re-Wrote Wisconsin Masonic Trial Code
Initiated Wisconsin Masonic Medical Foundation
Matching Grant Program
Increased the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation’s Scholarship
grants from $500.00 to $1,000.00 maximums
Donor of perpetual $1,000.00 Scholarship for Shawano Student
Initiated Wisconsin Program (for modern initiation ceremonies)
One of several moving forces behind the establishment of the
Mason woods retirement center on Shawano Lake
Grand Lodge of Parana,Brazils representative to the
Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
Grand Lodge of Venezuela’s representative to the
Grand Lodge of Wisconsin
Grand Master’s Meritorious Service Award – 1988
Honorary member – St Johns Lodge #9 Seattle Washington
Other Masonic memberships
(demitted from all while retaining membership in Shawano Lodge 170)
Societas Rosicruciana
Knights of Red Cross of Constantine
Tripoli Shrine – Capt of the Guard – 1978
Beja Shrine – Founding member,first Ritualistic Potentate
Legal Counsel,
Insurance Committee
President Shawano Shrine Club – founding member
North Shore Chapter #114 – Royal Arch Masonry
Kenwood Counsel #34 – Royal and select Masonry
Henry L. Palmer Commandery #42 – Knights Templar
Scottish Rite – Valley of Milwaukee – 32nd degree

Civic Work
Raised funds to build the Mielke Arts Theater
Managed the Mielke Theater for two years
President Shawano County Arts Council
President Shawano Civic Players
Legal Officer for the American Legion Post
Joined the Navy during 2nd world war
Member of American Legion over 50 years
Graduate of University of Wisconsin with three degrees
“Bachelor of Science,Doctorate in Law and Masters in
International Business Administration”
After Graduation practiced Law in Shawano then worked
in Mexico City and San Juan,Puerto Rico,negotiating and
managing contracts between United States and Latin
American Corporations and Governments
RON CAMPBELL May 24, 1935 – November 17, 2003

Ron Campbell


L to R – Bud Wallburger, Ron Campbell, Craig Campbell, Jim Campbell

Freemasonry as it is practiced in Wisconsin today is in some measure
due to Ron’s influence. As one of the four originators of what is now known
as the Wisconsin Program, he helped spearhead a revolution in how
we view and practice our post­ing examinations, returning our attention
to understanding what the degrees actually mean.
In addition to his contribution to the Wisconsin Program posting exams,
perhaps his greatest impact was the leadership he provided by communi­cating
with so many Masons the virtues of a method of posting that included
the rich history and real meaning of Masonry.
It is one thing to develop an innova­tive idea, it takes a very special per­son
to mold the vision into reality—this was the kind of man Ron was,
and Freemasonry in Wis­consin is far better for his having passed this way.
We will all miss his thundering laugh, his attention to detail, his frank speech,
his clear thinking and his true leadership on so many issues.
We take comfort that he has heard the welcome words,
“Well done good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”
Brother Ron has finally found his way home.
Brother Ron was initiated an Entered Apprentice on October 19, 1967,
passed to the degreeof Fellowcraft on November 16 and raised to the sublime
degree of Master Mason on December 21 that same year, all in Shawano Lodge.
In Shawano Lodge Ron ascended through the chairs, serving as Master
in both 1974 and 1975. He was elected Treasurer in 1993 and held that position
until his passing. At the Grand Lodge level he served as an Area Administrator
between 1983-1985 as District Counselor in 1986-1987, and as District 4 Lecturer
held a proficiency card from 1988 until the time of his death.
He became a member of the Order of the Eastern Star in 1969 and served as
Worthy Patron in 1971. 1980. 1996-98 and 2001-03.
He became a member of White Shrine in 1972 and served as Watch­man of
Shepherd’s Fire in 1975-76, 1978,1981 and 1983.
Although he was no longer active in the York Rite, he joined the
Royal Arch Masons in 1970, Knights Tem­plar in 1976, and the Council of Royal
and Select Masters in 1983.
He became a member of Scottish Rite in 1974 and served as
Thrice Potent Master of the Lodge of Per­fection 1987-88,
Director of the 6th, 23rd, and Abe Lincoln Degrees; Commander -in-Chief
for the Consistory in Scottish Rite, had a class named in his honor,
and received the Meritorious Service Award, the prized Red Hat, in 1995.
He became a member of Tripoli Shrine in 1974, was a charter mem­ber of
the Shawano Shrine Club in 1974 and served as its president in 1978.
He served as the Club Circus Chairman from 1980 to the present.
Past President of the Shawano Past Master’s Club. He became a charter member
of Beja Shrine in 1986, serving on the ritualistic divan from inception
to the present. He served as Chief Ambas­sador of the North Zone 1986-1992,
Ambassador General 1992-1997, and a Shrine Ceremonial class was named
in his honor in December 1993.
In his service to others, he was a driver for the Shrine to take children
down to Chicago for treatment at the Shrine Hospital, and was scheduled
to make a trip on Friday, November 19, the day of his funeral.
In the community, he served as the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Chair­person
for 20 years to the present. He also served as a food pantry assis­tant at the
Methodist Church and worked tirelessly in many of the council positions
of the church and on the building and grounds committee;

Carl Carmichael

 Carl is a member, past master, and former trustee, of Shawano Lodge No. 170, where he has a long history of committee and other assignments.  When he retired from his last professional position as the Executive Assistant to the Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1990, Grand Master Dean Massey asked Carl to use some of his new spare time in doing some work for the Grand Lodge.  He was appointed to a long range planning committee created by the Grand Master to address several organizational and operational concerns.  Following that appointment, Grand Master James Zimmerman appointed Carl to the Grand Lodge committee that managed the Grand Lodge Home endowment and other funds.  This appointment was followed by being appointed to the Masonic Home Board of Directors.   That resulted in Carl serving several years with different board responsibilities, including Home Board Chairman, and during the time when the Masonic Home became Three Pillars, and changed and expanded its mission.Carl, a native of Missouri, his wife Janell, and their 2 sons moved from Iowa to Shawano in 1962, where he served as a school administrator.  Having an interest in land use management, conservation, and ecology, he was instrumental in the adoption of the first Shawano County and township zoning and land use ordinances, and later was involved in creating the Shawano Lake Sanitary Dstrict.   Carl and Janell have a long record of participation in church, civic, and community affairs. Both of them are 50 year members of Eastern Star, and are strong proponents of Masonic organizatiions.

When Masons in northeastern Wisconsin expressed an interest
in having a Three Pillars presence in that corner of the state, Carl, along
with several other Masons, agreed to provide some leadership in making that
desire become a reality, and a Mason Woods on Shawano Lake was added to the
senior living aspect of Three Pillars.

Carl received the Grand Master’s Achievement Award from
Grand Master Beecher Daniels, in part due to the development at Mason Woods,
and Carl is very proud of this award.

In receiving the 50 year member award, Carl said “the
nice thing about being a Mason for 50 years is the length of time I have had to
become acquainted with, and to work with, so many fellow members of the craft,
a great group of men”.
Gerald Hillman

Raised to Master Mason June 13, 1968

John Hill


 John Hill Initiated November 18, 1952
Passed April 18, 1955
Raised April 28, 1956

John Hill, Nominated for Distinguished Citizen of the Year

John retired to Shawano after a long and varied career in
banking and financial planning.  He has
deep roots in Shawano, as the Hills were some on the first Shawano settlers.

John Hill has been a Mason for 55 years and serves as the
secretary for Shawano Masons Inc. a 501©3 charity
is on the Wisconsin State Judicial Oversight Committee.
He is a member of the SCEPE Loan Committee,
and on the City of Shawano Housing Authority Board.

Community Service:
John is a United Way volunteer and is a former County Board
member.  He currently serves on the Job
Center’s Board as well.
John’s most recent and perhaps
one of the most meaningful contributions to the community was his
idea to get a food distribution center located in the Shawano area to
accommodate a great need and save thousands of dollars for the
area food 
pantries in transportation costs.

He has coordinated the resources of the community, private
donations, grant applications, county and city government and
volunteers to 
make the Shawano Area Food Center a reality.

The Food Center opened in January 2011 and is the central
distribution location for 16 area food pantries.  Before the Center opened,
the closest place t
o obtain this food was the Feeding America program in Omro, WI.
Only 3 for the 16 local pantries were able to utilize that source.
Now all 16 access the Shawano Food Center.

A recent survey of local food pantries by Shawano County
determined that there are approximately 1500 families using
the 16 local food 

Nothing happens without a champion and on this project
John was the model of a project champion.

Economic and Business Development:
John is retired but has served as a County Board member,
is on the SCEPE loan committee and the Job Center Board.
He continues to promote job creation in the 
Shawano area.

Cindy Dreffin was Grand Martha in  1980 – 1981, Melody of Love Grand Chapter
Marion Mitchell Past Grand Officer (Order of the Eastern Star)

Bess Cantwell and Phyllis Tincher  (1970)

Past Grand Officers (Order of the Eastern Star)


Ruthann Christensen past Grand Esther
Edwina Koth past Grand Warder



Renee Campbell (2009)
Past Grand Chaplain (Order of the Eastern Star)



Jim Campbell 2011 Grand Chaplain Order of the Eastern Star




Isabel Tincher, George & Phyllis Tincher,
Virginia & Lloyd Cady, Beverly Goering
50 year Members (Order of the Eastern Star) 2009

George William Tincher

Raised to M.M. June 13, 1959
Master of Shawano Lodge 1965,
holds a Proficiency card in all degrees for the Masonic Lodge 1967 to present,
elected Secretary 2008,
elected Treasurer 2009-2010-2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015-2016 – 2017 – 2018
member of the long range planning committee 2008,
appointed trustee 1967, 2008 to 2010, Elected Trustee 2010 to 2015
member of the committee to move to a new
building 2009-2010, in 2005 developed Shawano Masons website and put
Shawano Lodge on the Internet then developed Mason Woods,
Clintonville web sites and Beja Shrine Green Bay web site.
In 1968 appointed advisory Council member on the Supreme Council,
Order of the DeMolay,  Appointed Area Administrator for Area 39
for the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin 1968 and 1969,
Member of Shawano Chapter Royal Arch Masons #95 in 1966,
Member of Clintonville Commandery #44 Knights Templar
Clintonville in 1967, Shawano Chapter Order of the Eastern Star
in 1959 Worthy Patron 1966, The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem 1959,
Member of Tripoli Shrine 1970 Charter member Beja Shrine in Green Bay,
Charter member of Shawano Shrine Club serving as President in 2003,
Secretary/Treasure 2004-2009, Local Ambassador,
Club Circus Chairman 2005 to 2009, Club Chairman for the
Salvation Army Bell Ringing 2005 to 2008,
Plural Member Manama Lodge 82, Mason Woods 368 and Clintonville Lodge 197,
Secretary for Clintonville Lodge;
2009-2010-2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018
Treasurer of Clintonville lodge; 2018
Photographer Tripoli Shrine 1968-69
Official Photographer Beja Shrine;
2004, 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018




Shawano Masons Committee Members: Brothers Charles Daily,
George Tincher, and James Herman received permission
to have a bench placed at Woodlawn cemetery for
Shawano Lodge 170 to mark the space dedicated to
pregnancies that do not go full term.
Shawano Lodge will also be responsible for a marker
each year to mark that year’s burial.




Larry L. Sperberg with Lady Wendy
Brother Larry was raised a Master Mason September 13, 1988
served as W. M. of Shawano Lodge 2011 – 2012 – 2013
Larry is the first Shawano W. M. to serve three years in succession, due
to the deciesion voted on by the Lodge members to move Shawano Lodge
into a newly renovated building (formerly a motor cycle shop) required a
total of three years for the completion of the move with W. M. Sperberg
being the leader and prime mover. His dedication, donations, energy,
and tenacity allowed the project to be completed.


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