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W. M. Brandon Nygaard (715) 851-5365 (Shawano)
W. M. Peter Nygaard (715) 745-6056 (Mason Woods)


W. M. Brandon Nygaard and Lady Rose (715) 851-5365

Shawano Lodge #170
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano, WI 54166

W. M. Peter Nygaard and Lady Carol (715) 745-6056

Mason Woods Lodge #368
N6446 Emery Ansorge Rd. Box 368
Cecil, WI 54111-9287

W. M. Mark Zachow (715) 250-4381

Clintonville Lodge #197
2324 East Richmond St.
Shawano, WI 54166

830 Erin Jacyna (715) 745-4330

Mason Woods Property Coordinator
Mason Woods
N6446 Emery Ansorge Road
Cecil, WI 54111

 1903Pres. Dale Vannes and Lady Kay (715) 851-1038
Shawano Shrine Club
2324 East Richmond St.
Shawano WI 54166

Pres. Jim Herman and Lady Linda (715) 853-8462
Past Masters Club
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano, WI 54166

Tony Powers Chairman (715) 524-6626

Shawano Masons Inc. 501(C)3
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano WI 54166

Shawano Masonic Center 2324 East Richmond Street Shawano Wisconsin

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