Mason Woods Lodge By-Laws

Mason Woods #368


 Updated  December 23, 2010


Section 1.  Name – The name of this Lodge shall be
Mason-Woods No. 368 F. &A.M.

 Section 2.  Warrant – The warrant of this Lodge is a
charter granted on the 13th day of June A.D. 2005 A.L. 6005,by the
Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Wisconsin,
to the constitution, laws and edicts whereof
the most explicit respect and obedience shall
ever be paid by this Lodge and its members.

 Section 3.  Members – The members of this Lodge shall be
those named in its dispensation or charter, Master Masons who have been
admitted by regular or plural affiliation, and those who have been raised as
Master Masons by or for this Lodge; provided, that membership and all the
rights thereto shall have been retained in accordance
with the by-laws of this Lodge and the constitution,
laws and edicts of the Grand Lodge.

 Section 4.  Stated Communications – The stated
communications of this Lodge shall be held on the first (1st) and
third (3rd) Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM.
Dark in January/February, bills to be paid by WM and Sec/Treas,
except as provided in 56.06(6.1) of the code of the Grand Lodge

 Section 5.  Special Communications – Special
communications shall be convened at the pleasure of the Worshipful Master,
but no business shall be transacted at any special
communication except that named in the call.

 Section 6.  Order of Business – the order of business at all stated
communications, subject to change by the Worshipful Master, shall be:

  1. Reading of minutes
    2. Treasures Report
    3. Presentation of bills
    4. Correspondence
    5. Sickness and distress
    6. Reading and referring and reports thereon
    7. Balloting on petition(s)
    8. Trustees Reports
    9. Reports of committees
    10. Old Business
    11. New business
    12. Conferring of degrees


Section 7.  Fiscal Year – The fiscal year of this Lodge
shall be such as is now or may be hereafter prescribed by Grand Lodge.



Section 1. Officers – The officers
of this Lodge, their election, their term of office and their duties shall be
such as are prescribed by the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Section 2.  Compensation – The Secretary, Treasurer and
Tiler may receive such compensation for their services as shall from time to
time be determined and fixed by resolution of the Lodge.

Section 3.  There shall be no less than three
nor more than nine trustees of this Lodge
and their duties are such as are or
shall be prescribed by the Statutes of the State of Wisconsin
and the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.
One Trustee shall be elected by ballot for a term of three years
at the time of the annual election of Lodge officers.
In the event of a vacancy in the office of
any Trustee, a successor shall be appointed
by the Worshipful Master for the unexpired term.

Section 4.  The Trustees shall hold and have care of all
property, both real and personal,
belonging to the Lodge, but the management and control thereof
shall be subject to the laws of the State of Wisconsin,
the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge and the regulations of the Lodge.



Section 1.  Qualification of candidates for the Degrees
shall be in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Section 2.  Petitions – Petitions for the Degrees or for
affiliation as regular or plural members shall be
in such form and content as prescribed
by the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Section 3.  Fees and Dues – the fees for Degrees and dues
shall be in such amount and payable at such times
and in such manner as the Lodge shall from time to time
by resolution determine, providing, however,
that no change shall be made in either fees or dues,
except at a stated communication,
and then only after due and proper written notice
has been given to the
membership of this Lodge at least two weeks
prior to the date designated for action on the resolution.

Section 4.  Fees.
The fees for the three degrees conferred in this lodge shall be $100.00
Payable as follows: $40.00 with the petition and $20.00 on or before
receiving each of the degrees.




 Section 1.  The Charity Committee of this Lodge shall be
a standing committee and shall consist of the Worshipful Master
and Wardens and it shall be the duty of this committee
to investigate all cases of charity and administer such relief
as in the discretion of the committee it may be found necessary
to alleviate the distress of any member of this Lodge or those
who by Masonic derivation have any claims upon the Lodge.
All authorized expenses for charitable purposes shall be
disbursed by order of the committee upon the Treasurer
for a sum not exceeding XX at a draft
and in all other cases by approval of the Lodge.
The charity fund of this lodge shall be deposited in a bank
designated by the lodge and shall be known as
“Charity Fund of XX Lodge No XX F. & A. M.”
There shall be deposited into this fund all money received
from the sale of real or personal property, given,
devised or bequeathed to the lodge for charitable purposes;
all voluntary gifts received from other sources specifically designated
for the charity fund out of its general fund.

Section 2.
The Finance Committee of this Lodge shall be
a standing committee and shall consist of the Worshipful Master and Wardens.
It shall be the duty of this committee to examine all bills,
claims and accounts which may be presented to the Lodge
and report thereon and no accounts shall be allowed or paid
by the Lodge until the same have been audited
and approved by the Finance Committee.
It shall also be the duty of this committee to examine
the books and vouchers of the Treasurer and Secretary
from time to time and report thereon to the Lodge.

Section 3.  The committee on Discipline shall be a
standing committee of this Lodge and shall consist of the
Worshipful Master and Wardens.  The duties of this committee
shall be such as are or may hereafter be prescribed
by the Laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge.

Section 4.  Special Committees – As the Worshipful Master
is absolute in the government of his Lodge he has the power, right and
prerogative to appoint any and all special committees and designate the
personnel of any and all such special committees he may appoint.




Section 1.  These by-laws may be amended by the
affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at any stated

Section 2.  Any proposed amendment shall be presented in
writing at a stated communication,
recorded upon the minutes of the Lodge and shall lie over
to a designated subsequent stated communication for vote thereon.
At least 10 days prior to the
date for action on the proposed amendment,
written notice shall be given to the membership of this Lodge.

Section 3.  All amendments to these by-laws hereafter adopted
shall be submitted to the Grand Master
and shall be of no force or effect until he has approved the same.

Section 4.  Any law hereafter enacted by the Grand Lodge
which changes any provisions of these by-laws
operates as an amendment thereof without action by the Lodge.

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