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August Star of the Frontier!


Attention My Masonic Brethren
The Shawano 501(C)3 Foundation is holding a Raffle
If you are interested in purchasing
or selling raffle tickets
Please contact the secretary of Shawano Lodge
Jim Campbell Or an Officer of the Lodge
This is your chance to help our
Charitable Foundation to grow.
Not only does the Lodge receive 90%
of the money, Shawano’s 501(C)3
Charitable Foundation will receive 10% of all sales.
That’s 100% going to Help our part of this
Fraternity grow, the
information is printed on each ticket.
The drawing will be at the
Shawano Masonic Center
December 27th, 2017


~W. Master Brandon Nygaard~

Unity Picnic Number 7
Shawano Masons Inc. unity picnic is scheduled for
August 3rd rain or shine. Social time begins at 4:30 PM;
Spanferkel dinner at 6:00 PM. Shawano and Clintonville masons
will be honoring their High School graduate scholarship recipients.
Shawano Masons will also recognize an active member
and past master of the lodge “Illustrious Sir” Greg Habeck,
2017 Potentate of the Beja Shriners in Green Bay.
The Masonic Center has increased parking
on the east side of the lodge for your convenience,
invite your friends and family to participate
and enjoy this incredible evening.
We look forward to your support as the Masons
continue to support our community.

Brandon Nygaard
WM Shawano Lodge #170


“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.
Comes into us at midnight very clean.
It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands.
It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”
~Bro. John Wayne~

Sincerely and fraternally
~Brandon Nygaard~
W. M. 2017
Shawano Lodge #170
Shawano Masonic Center
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano, WI 54166


~W. Master Clintonville Masons Mark Zachow~

Clintonville Masons will join with Shawano Masons
and enjoy a wonderful evening at Mason park in
Shawano on August 3rd. We will be honoring Shawano
and Clintonville high school scholarship winners.
Bring your family and friends.
Mason park is in back of the masonic center,
a truly beautiful setting to relax and greet our high school graduates.
Social time is from 5 to 6 PM followed by a great picnic,
a perfect time to renew acquaintances.
I take this opportunity to invite our Clintonville
and Shawano lodge brothers to attend our meetings
and functions at the Masonic center.
Anyone needing assistance to attend please call me at (715) 250-4381,
I will make arrangements to help so you are able to join us.
Clintonville lodge activity calendar is listed on the lodge web site.

Sincerely and Fraternally
~Mark Zachow W. M. 2017~

Clintonville Lodge #197
Shawano Masonic Center
2324 East Richmond Street
Shawano, WI 54166


~Sr. Warden Shawano Masons Karl Simonson~


Next year is our Lodge’s 150th anniversary.
Shawano Lodge has a history which pre-dates the city itself.
I am seeking comments and ideas for activities that you,
our brethren, would like to have next year.
We need to enhance our communication efforts,
our brotherhood, our fellowship, and our public image
if we are to continue to grow and thrive as a Lodge.
We have several members that do not attend regularly
for a variety of reasons. It is our duty to make all feel welcome.
We meet upon the level. Harmony is the strength
and support of all institutions, more especially of ours.

Please respond with your comments and ideas to me
via email at or
by telephone to (715) 881-1559.

Please keep your contact information current
with the Lodge Secretary so we are better enabled
to keep you aware of upcoming events,
degrees and activities. Thank you.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Bro. Karl E. Simonson
Senior Warden
Shawano Lodge #170 F. & A. M.

Shawano Past Masters Club
Jim Herman, President

The Shawano Past Masters met recently
at Seasons restaurant with a nice crowd attending.
Welcome to Past Masters Carl Loving and Pat
who attended their first meeting and also,
PGM Jim Zimmerman and Carna
who have rejoined the group.
In order to plan ahead, mark your calendars
for the next meeting of Shawano Past Masters
on Thursday, August 31.
More details will follow as they develop.
Carl Carmichael, PM is in Room #137
at Birch Hill after having had a slight stroke.
He looks forward to visitors.
Keep him and Janell in your thoughts and prayers.

The next meeting of the Shawano Past Masters Club
will be Thursday, August 31, 2017.
It will consist of a potluck at the
Shawano Masonic Center.
Don’t forget to mark the date.
I know it seems like a long way off,
but the time will go by fast with
it being summer in Wisconsin.

Reservations need to be gotten to Jim Herman
by August 27, 2017.
You can contact him to make your reservations
by calling (715) 853-8462.
Reservations can also be made by e-mail


Peter R. Scheinert, PM

Shawano Masons, Inc. – 501(c)3 Charity
Anthony Powers Chairman of the board

Shawano Masons Inc. is hosting the 7th annual
Masonic Unity Picnic
at Shawano Masonic Center on Thursday, August 3rd.
We invite you all to join us for a social at 4:30 pm
with dinner being served at 6:00 pm.

Please come out to honor our fellow brothers
for their Masonic service. In addition,
we will be hosting the Scholarship recipients
and their parents.

We hope you can join us to honor your fellow Masons,
the scholarship recipients and for a great evening
of fellowship and brotherhood.

Shawano Masons, Inc.’s ability to support Masonic causes
and improve the lives of those in the community
is through the generosity of the Masonic community.
Shawano Masons, Inc. established the
Shawano Masons #170 Club so that through
their generosity, our members can support
Masonic causes now and in the future.

Any individual that pledges a minimum of $170
to the Shawano Masons #170 Club becomes a member.
For those interested in making a larger gift,
the Shawano Masons 170 Club has different pledge levels
starting at $500 and increasing.
All pledges can be paid in a lump-sum,
5 year or 10 year installment.
You can become a member of the
Shawano Masons 170 Club for as little as $17 per year
and take up to 10 years to meet their pledge.

For more information,
please contact George at

~Anthony Powers~
Chairman of the board


All Past Masters –

The next meeting of the Shawano Past Masters
is scheduled for Thursday, August 31, 2017.
This will consist of a potluck at the
Shawano Masonic Center.

The “Social Hour” will begin at 5:30 PM
with dinner at 6:30 PM.
As always, Ladies are welcome.

Again, any Past Master from any Lodge
is invited to attend with their Lady.
Please extend an invitation to any and all Past Masters
that may not be included in this e-mail.

In order to plan accordingly,
please call your reservations to
Jim Herman at (715) 853-8462 or e-mail to:
by Saturday, August 26, 2017.


Peter R. Scheinert, P. M.


Shawano Shrine Cub
“The Club With Style”
Dale Vannes, President

At the time of this writing the Shawano Shrine Club
has not yet met for July which was a joint affair with
Mason Woods and their annual “Steak Fry”.
If the weather was warm and sunny with no rain and
limited mosquitoes, I was in charge of the weather!

Once we get to the 4th of July it seems like our summer
is nearly half over. Enjoy what we do have left of it
and make it a safe summer.

Looking down the road a bit, on August 3 our Shrine Club
will be joining Shawano Masons Inc. with their “Unity Picnic”
in recognizing recent high school graduates who were recipients
of those Masonic scholarships offered by our local Lodges.
I have been assured that we will have our second annual
“Fish Fry” at the Shawano Masonic Center on September 12.
Thank you Rodney Ketchum!
Get your reservations for either event to
Dale Vannes at (715) 851-1038.

September also means Beja will be coming back to light.
Call in your reservations for dinner and show your support
for our own “Ill. Sir Greg Habeck”! The “Sporting Clays”
will be on Sunday, October 1 at J&H Game Farm.
Contact Bob Spahn for all the specifics at (715) 758-6766,
This is the week that the Packers have their “Bye”.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Be sure to check the Beja web-site
Shawano Area Masons website

Fraternally submitted,
~Peter R. Scheinert, P. P.~
Club Reporter

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