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Installation 2018 Masonic Lodge Officers
December 2 2017
Combined Public Installation of 2018 Officers at
Shawano Masonic Center
2324 East Richmond Street in Shawano

3:30 pm Installation – 5:00 pm supper
“BBQ Pork sandwiches”

Mason Woods – Shawano – Clintonville
and Oconto Falls

Installing Master – P.M. & District Lecture
Moses Adams

Installing Marshall – P.M. James VanDeHey
Installing Sr. Warden – P.M. Chris Gans
Installing Jr. Warden – G.M.D.D. Jason Richardson
Installing Chaplain – P.M. Jim Campbell


2018 W. Master Elect Karl E. Simonson
It is indeed an honor to be your Worshipful Master Elect.
Congratulations to Ed Kodaj, Senior Warden Elect;
Vincent Grignon Jr, Junior Warden Elect;
Jim Campbell, Secretary Elect;
George Tincher, Treasurer Elect;
Rusty Mitchell, Trustee Elect.

A very special thanks to all the brethren who have supported me and
who have participated in our Lodge’s events as we endeavor to make
good men better.  Thank you to Brandon Nygaard for his leadership while serving
as Worshipful Master, and to our officers and Past Masters
for teamwork and good counsel.

As always, I welcome suggestions and healthy discussion.
Communication is essential.  Participation ensures that we are visible
in the community and recognized for our character
as we demonstrate our core values.

In this holiday season, let us be thankful for our many blessings and
ever mindful of all the opportunities bestowed upon us by our creator.
Thank you to our veterans who give us our many freedoms.

Congratulations and a hearty welcome to our
six newly raised Master Masons
from the recent Masonic Day of Light events.
We sincerely hope that you will be very active within our Lodge.
I will be seeking appointees for non-elected officer positions.
Time is running short to have the complete lineup determined
before installation of officers on December 2nd.
Please give me a call or send me an email with any
questions, concerns, or to volunteer.

I’m looking forward to a very productive and fun year
as we celebrate 150 years of Freemasonry in Shawano.
Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and safe travels to all.

We are currently planning to have our annual
Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner in mid-February.
This year we will be having recognition of our
newly raised Master Masons.
Details to follow.

Just as a reminder our 150th Anniversary celebration
is scheduled for Saturday, August 18, 2018
at The Gathering in Shawano.

Respectfully and Fraternally,

Karl E. Simonson
Senior Warden / Master Elect
Shawano Lodge 170 F. & A. M. / 715-881-1559

Clintonville Masons

My year as Clintonville Lodge W. Master is fast coming to a close,
December 2nd Greg Rose will be installed as our W. Master for 2018.

In November, we will be donating turkeys to
Clintonville food pantry again.
A defibrillator is being purchased thru the
Clintonville Area Ambulance Service,
and will be donated to the Econofoods Store.
Donations will also be made to the Clintonville Good fellows,
and to the Waupaca County Crime stoppers.

I would like to thank the members of the Clintonville Lodge
for all their support this year.
I would also like to give a special thanks to
Secretary/Treasurer George Tincher, (A.K.A. Chief to me)
for all his help this year.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Mark Zachow
2017 W.M. Clintonville Lodge #197


2018 W. M. Elect Greg Rose

Hello everyone.  My name is Greg Rose and I’ll be serving
as Worshipful Master of Clintonville Lodge for the 2018 year.
I am very excited to be moving on up to this position
and have started to gather some ideas for goals and
opportunities for our Lodge.
My first goal is to make our presence known in the community.
We must work doubly as hard to be seen in and around
Clintonville since our lodge building is in Shawano.
We cannot have any petitions from interested men if they
do not know we exist or how to contact us.
I hope to find ways to get our name out there,
both by traditional means as well as using new
technology and social media.
This isn’t just a promotional campaign either;
I hope to be doing things in the community.
If we do make our presence known,
it is my goal that we increase our membership by
at least a couple people, plus we need to work to
encourage inactive members to return to some meetings.
I also hope to increase the social camaraderie
between our members.
Having a small crowd isn’t a bad thing;
rather it allows us to really get to know each other
and our families. I hope to have a few new social endeavors
for the 2018 year. These ideas will be discussed further at our
meetings early next year. Next, I hope to return to the basics
and gain further understanding in both Masonic history
and education. I’m rather new at this, having been a
Master Mason only a couple years.
So I want to know more about the craft,
and I’m sure that our members would benefit from
the additional information.
I also would like to have members of the Clintonville lodge
join me for a meeting or two outside our own lodge.
I’d like to go and visit a few neighboring
lodges for their stated communications.
By visiting another lodge’s meeting it is my hope
that we can make new connections,
improve our ritual, and get new ideas of how
to do things. Finally, I plan to continue to do the
great things we’ve done in the past that helps
to serve our community as set forth by our
current Worshipful Master, Mark Zachow.

Thank you.

Greg Rose, SW.
W. Master elect
Clintonville Lodge #197 F. & A. M.


Shawano Past Masters Club
Jim Herman, President

My year as President of the Shawano Past Masters club is
drawing to a close. The club had been dark for
several years and we have made an attempt to
again be a force to assist the Shawano Masons
in their activities. Shawano Lodge must have the support
of all their Past Master in order to continue the programs
we started as Masters also to fill in for the officers
at regular meetings and assist in degree work.

Because of the approaching holiday’s we have decided
not to have a Past Masters meeting this month.
The next meeting will be March 29 2018.
The outgoing W.M. Brandon Nygaard
will be next year’s President and will be informing
everyone of his schedule for next year.

I want to thank all the Past Masters for
their help and support,
especially Pete and Sue Scheinert
who have worked hard to put together
this great group of Past Masters.

P. M. James Herman
2017 President Past Masters club

Shawano Masons, Inc. – 501(c)3 Charity

As the holiday season approaches, we ask
that you remember Shawano Masons, Inc.
in your holiday plans. While preparing for joyous
holiday celebrations with your friend and family,
it’s important to stop and reflect on the joy and
blessings in your own life while also being aware
that not everyone is so fortunate.
Please consider setting aside part
of your holiday budget to support the work of
Shawano Masons, Inc.
with a tax-deductible charitable donation.

We rely on charitable donations in order to be able
to continue to support Masonic causes and charities.
That is why we ask you to remember
Shawano Masons, Inc. with a charitable gift in
support of our important work
during the holiday season.

What better way to celebrate the holiday season
than by sharing with those who are less fortunate?
Your generosity will have a positive impact
on people who are in need,
as well as the larger community.
Every gift matters.
Please, won’t you decide to make a difference today?

~Anthony Powers~
Chairman of the board


Shawano Shrine Cub
“The Club With Style”

 Dale Vannes, President

As was noted last month, the Shawano Shrine Club did not meet
in November as had been initially planned.
Instead, the November and December meetings are being combined –
the “Installation of Officers” as well as the “Christmas Party”.
The 2018 calendar will be outlined at that time
by the club’s new president, Bob Spahn.
The Club will again meet at Seasons.
Make your reservations with Dale Vannes at
(715) 851-1038 by December 7.

The December meeting for Beja will be “Election Night”.
Vote for and support your favorite candidates and
remember to bring your current dues card
to show you are eligible to vote.
Dinner reservations should again be made with Ann at Beja.

When we look back hundreds of years ago,
the Fraternity was largely a source of entertainment
and a place of social interaction.
Since then we have had many avenues of entertainment
added to our lives with radio, television, movies,
the internet, etc.  Other service and church groups
vie for our time and talents as well.
Nearly all families need two incomes to make ends meet.
When I came into the fraternity thirty years ago,
a group of Masons had the foresight to develop a program
to help increase our membership numbers and to try
and simplify things to become more ‘modern’.
Today, much of the focus continues to be on
an attempt to increase our membership.

The “program” didn’t fail, but we are.
We seem to be confusing the concepts of
“leadership” with that of “control”.
Getting in a line to be an officer can help one develop
and nurture their “leadership” abilities and skills,
NOT their ability to “control”.  If one were to look at
the self help group of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, (AA),
by design it has no regular or ongoing ‘leader’.
The intent is to not have a ‘dictatorship’
develop with infinite ‘control’, but rather have the
‘leadership’ change and rotate amongst its members
with the ‘chairman’ of the group.
Don’t let your ego control your motives.
Check your ego at the door.
Be involved for all the right reasons.

Like most anything else,
you will get out of Freemasonry what you put into it.
I’ve said this before, “If you live your life as a Mason,
you shouldn’t have any problems.”
Don’t let the fraternity consume you and your life,
but let it complement your life and be an adjunct to it.
It can prove to be a ‘good ride’.  It was.
Lastly, always remember to practice outside the Lodge
that which we practice within.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and
a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Shawano Area Masons website

Fraternally submitted,
~Peter R. Scheinert, P. P.~
Club Reporter

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