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Shawano Shrine Club
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Dale Vannes, President

The October edition of the Shawano Shrine Club took us to Luigi’s, a favorite spot among many locals.  It was the annual “Election of Officers” meeting.  Those chosen to be officers for 2018 are; Bob Spahn, President; Karl Simonson, 1st Vice President; Joe Urban, 2nd Vice President; and Greg Habeck, Secretary / Treasurer.
The next meeting of the Club will be at Seasons, another fast growing favorite among many of the locals on Tuesday, December 12.  It was decided to combine the November and December meetings as a joint  “Installation of Officers and Christmas Party”.  Again, support those who have stepped up to take an active role with the club and get in the holiday spirit all at the same time.  Needless to say, reservations should be made with Dale Vannes at (715) 851-1038  by December 7.

The November 1 meeting at Beja will again be the annual “Parade to Glory”.  This is a time for all clubs, units and individuals to consider what they can contribute to Beja, the hospitals, the transportation fund, the Beja Trust and a number of other causes or accounts with our philanthropy.  As always, make your dinner reservations with Ann at Beja.  This is an ‘open’ meeting and as always the Ladies are invited.  Reservations are again a “MUST” and need to be made with Ann at Beja.  Cost is $5.00 per person.

No recent reports of “Sickness or Distress” have been received, although it is my understanding Carl Carmichael has returned home to continue his recuperation.

Since I have yet another opportunity to ‘editorialize’, I will take a moment to do just that.  As I indicated in my last report, the fraternity not only seems to be becoming more and more fragmented, but our membership continues to decrease and is decreasing to the point where we are not of the numbers to argue or fight amongst ourselves.  We can turn our backs on the entire issue and let someone else do it or we can all take a proactive stance and try to help implement a change, hopefully to try and re-group. I recall an old “Pogo” cartoon some years ago and to paraphrase it, “We have found the enemy and they are us!”   In other words, we all need to make a deep, honest  and soul searching inventory of ourselves and ask, “If I am not a part of the solution, am I a part of the problem?”  Be honest……………..really honest.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Have a safe holiday!
One more report to go; stay tuned.
Peter R. Scheinert, P. P.
Club Reporter

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